One of the best ways to grow your following is to post regularly to your blog and follow up by re-posting to social media. When it comes to running your business, your client work takes front seat, and blogging is often left as something to be done in your free time, if you have any, that is.

I can handle your blog management from writing the actual post to distributing it on social media and bookmarking sites (like


I offer the following services designed to grow your following and establish your brand.

  • 5 Blog Posts each month (500-750 words each) or 4 Blog Posts each month (1000-1200 words each).
  • Blog Posts include one free image (Pexels) with heading text and your website URL.
  • Posts will be promoted in your Pinterest and Twitter accounts as well as on your Facebook Business Page.
  • Posts will be Search Engine Optimized. For WordPress users, I will install and use the Yoast plugin.
  • Posts will be linked internally to other relevant posts on your blog. This will help with SEO.
  • Posts will include a Call to Action.
  • All work will be tracked through Trello where you can review blog posts as well as upload notes and outlines for future Blog Posts to your own personal board.
  • Unlimited email is included.


$300.00 monthly


I believe your website should be a reflection of your personality and message with consideration for your ideal client.

1. requirements gathering

Whether you’re looking for a package of short weekly blog posts or a full-blown custom website, the first step is the information gathering process. After I receive your initial request I’ll send you a series of questions to narrow down the specifics of the project.

Download my free Savvy Website Prep Mini-course here.

2. the proposal

I’ll write up the details of the project as we discussed, complete with a calendar of deadlines and payment schedule. With each section of the project there will most likely be information that I will need from you including photos and some text. When we agree to all the terms, this document will act as our contract.

3. the design

Before starting any coding, I will send you a mock-up of the work I plan to do. For websites, this will be a mood board, with font samples, a logo, and color scheme, as well as a mock-up of the site layout. This is called a wireframe.

4. production

After all the planning stages, the final step is the actual coding, or production. I work with the WordPress platform and the Divi Theme along with CSS, HTML, and PHP modifications as needed. With all the preparation, this step should flow smoothly and you’ll soon have the website you envisioned. (See some of my work here.)

5. follow-up

After the project is complete, I allow one week for last minute tweaks as well as a brief session via Skype or phone to walk you through the back-end of your website if you have chosen the WordPress option and are planning on updating your own blog. Of course, if you’d like me to update, we can discuss that when we agree on the proposal.


Prices start at $700 for a one-page website


Do you have a backlog of ebooks, worksheets, mini-courses, and other downloads that you have been meaning to offer your readers?

Do you want to spend more time working with your clients and less time on product design?

I’m here to help you get your information products ready to upload to your website.

Whether you’re planning a short PDF download as an opt-in offer for your readers or a Kindle ebook for sale, I can help you. Using your branding and your text, I’ll tweak and format until you have a product that will make you proud.


Contact me for a custom quote.