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Simple Strategies for Savvy Boomer Entrepreneurs



You’ve come a long way baby. You’ve raised a family. Put your kids through college. You’ve taken care of your parents. You’ve volunteered, networked, chauffeured, and entertained. You’ve had too many jobs to count. You’ve up-sized and down-sized. And now, finally, you’re ready to do something big, just for yourself. You’re about to launch your own second-act business. You know, the one you’ve been itching to get started since forever. The one that makes you look forward to Monday mornings!


After decades in the workforce you feel like a total newbie when it comes to setting up your dream work-from-home Second Act online business. You’re overwhelmed by all the information floating around about mailing lists, sales funnels, social media, opt-ins. You know you have so much to offer, whether it’s life coaching, selling your art or craft, or marketing your special skill…. but you feel held back by your lack of tech skills. Does this sound familiar?


I will help you kick off your second-act transformation with one-on-one tech coaching as you work your way through the process of setting up your mailing list, a juicy opt-in, a blog and a cohesive social media strategy. I can also build you a brand new website. One that shows off the new you. One that exudes the confidence of Marie Forleo and the serenity of Marie Kondo. A website that will inspire you to make your second-act reinvention the best time of your life. And do you know why? Because working with people like you and helping them launch their Second Act Business is what makes me look forward to Monday mornings!


I’m Catherine Shefski and I help women just like you lose your fear of tech and take control of your website and mailing list, social media and opt-ins.


Whether you just need a little guidance or a lot of hand-holding and a full website designed for you, my work with you is personalized, friendly and thorough. With over 30 years of teaching experience I know how to make things easy to understand.


I went from typewriter and white-out to coding my own website and now I want to
show you how you can have your online business working like a well-oiled machine.

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