Do you remember learning about the three act structure in a writing class?

It's where you get your main character stuck in a tree in Act One, throw rocks at her in Act Two, and then finally get her down in Act Three.

Does it feel like you've been stuck in Act Two forever? Do those rocks just keep coming at you? Are you just too tired to duck any more?

I'd like to offer you a ladder!

You see there's something you may not have learned in that class.

As women, we follow a different path than the typical Hero.

Once we get to the end of our Act Two --- whether it's climbing the corporate ladder, sending our kids off to college, caring for our parents, or just reaching the end of our rope --- we get to take a break.

We need time to just "be."

Do you find yourself looking at art supplies and wishing you had time to draw, paint or even just color? Do you buy yarn and knitting needles and leave them piled up in a corner somewhere? Are you envious of your kids music lessons and even considered signing up for your own? Do you want to start taking better photos, finish your novel, write poetry or just go for a long walk by yourself?

What you want need is time for messy, no expectations, PLAY.

This is the time we women get back in touch with ourselves. The girl we left behind when we set off to college.

Don't think of this is a step backwards.

It is part of your Organic Evolution.

We can work together to reconnect you with your artistic side, brainstorm ideas and set up a plan for you to take the next steps towards your Third Act reinvention.

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I'm currently offering individual coaching sessions for women who are just starting to explore the idea of blogging, setting up an Etsy Shop, or selling information product. Together we will:

- target artistic pursuits from your youth or new ones you'd like to explore
- set up a realistic plan to reinforce your skills and add new ones as needed
- determine how you can best show your work and turn it into a profitable venture

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Come down out of that tree and let's have some fun!

Catherine Shefski turns the mid-life doldrums into a creative adventure by encouraging folks to just “go play.” Thoughtful and detailed, Catherine offers helpful strategies for clients on how they can reduce stress through play while tapping into their artistic side, a place they may not have visited since childhood. This deep dive into creative play during a woman's Act Two often leads to breakthroughs when it comes to contemplating life's Third Act agenda. Through her work, Catherine is helping to prove that creative play (free from expectations) leads to a healthier and more confident life.

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