Podcasts, Parking and Personality Tests

Tow TruckRecently I’ve been spending my lunch hour listening to Podcasts. Serial and Start-up were excellent, but the James Altucher show is still my favorite. James interviews entrepreneurs and creatives – everyone from Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington to Scott Adams and Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister. These aren’t just fluff promotional interviews. They’re full of useful and (motivational) advice from people who take creative risks, my favorite topic. Yesterday I listened to Sally Hogshead talk about the Fascination Advantage and made a note to take her online test when I got home.

After the usual twenty minutes of cruising for a parking space (one of the perks of owning a car in the city) I parked across the street in a spot I don’t usually get, came in the house, and while supper was in the oven I sat down to answer Sally’s questions. The Fascination Advantage Personality Test measures how others perceive you. It identifies your special characteristics, the traits that give you your unique advantage and allow you to present your most authentic self. I was happy to see that the questions were straight-forward, no room for second-guessing myself.

I clicked the button and got my results. My archetype – “The Royal Guard” – the combination of Mystic and Prestige. As the Mystic I am stoic and calm, able to assess a situation quickly and bring a certain style and grace. With Prestige, I am fiercely competitive, striving for excellent results.

According to the assessment I am competitive without the ego. It explains why I, as a former piano performance major, have the drive to learn and memorize big pieces like the Liszt Sonata but have no interest in performing. It’s a contradiction that I can finally see in a new light. It makes sense now.

As a matter of fact, more and more makes sense. After I finished the assessment I stepped outside to get something from the car. Fortunately I had parked it across the street from my house so I didn’t have to go far.

Only it wasn’t there. There was an SUV parked in my spot. Where was my car? Stolen? Towed?

How did I react? You guessed it. Calm. Stoic. Able to assess the situation quickly with a certain style and grace. Turns out it was towed. There was a very small sign posted near the parking spot. I didn’t even notice it. I’d only been parked there a half hour and the tow truck had come and gone. Apparently without a sound. And on New Years Eve! A bummer, yes. But in the overall scheme of things, a tiny blip.

Why don’t you take the fascination test? And listen here for the full podcast interview. Share your results in the comments below!

photo credit: DavidDennisPhotos.com via photopin cc