web design and online strategy coaching

Are you ready to cut to the chase and build your business the easy way?

I offer web design and online strategy to creative entrepreneurs, particularly women who are starting a second act business.


From branding to launch, I’ll build your one to five page website. Want to add an email list? No problem. Prices start at $700 for a site like this.


Grow your email list with beautifully formatted information products. Starting at $20 per page, this is one investment you can’t afford to miss.


Do you need help with everything? Email lists, social media, web maintenance, blog management? My rate is $30/hr for packages of 5-10-15 hours per month.


Do you want to learn how to run your business by yourself? Are you tired of asking your kids for help with your website? Or wading through dense tutorials looking for the information you need? In addition to web design and online strategy, I offer individual coaching to get you on track.

Hello, I’m Catherine Shefski. I know that feeling of overwhelm when it comes to starting an online business. It seems you get one process in place and there’s something else you need to do. Web design, blog management, mailing lists, landing pages, sales funnels, social media, SEO,… the list is endless. I can help you take one step at a time starting with what’s most important for YOUR business, because your business — just like your ideal customer — is NOT like everyone else’s. I love to work with women who are starting a Second Act Career and I welcome you to join my private Facebook Group for Savvy Boomer Entrepreneurs. Want to learn more? Schedule a chat!