You’ve come a long way baby. You’ve raised a family. Put your kids through college. You’ve taken care of your parents. You’ve volunteered, networked, chauffeured, and entertained. You’ve had too many jobs to count. You’ve up-sized and down-sized. And now, finally, you’re ready to do something big, just for yourself. You’re about to launch your own second-act business. You know, the one you’ve been itching to get started since forever. The one that makes you look forward to Monday mornings!



I will help you kick off your second-act transformation with a brand new website. One that shows off the new you. One that exudes the confidence of Marie Forleo and the serenity of Marie Kondo. A website that will inspire you to make your second-act reinvention the best time of your life. And do you know why? Because designing beautiful websites for people like you is what makes me look forward to Monday mornings!

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